I think you're right, Nate Dickson

I agree wholeheartedly that the Internet is a tool. If we use it for communication, WE the people using it, should control everything about it. It's why I like End to End encryption. My message gets encrypted and gets decrypted for the exact person I am sending it to – because it is only for them. No middle man, no advertising algorithms analyzing my words/messages, just simple back and forth with another human being on the other end.

The idea that the human race even NEEDS (or even wants, at this point) a “status update” or a Like, or a Favorite is just silly, in my mind. We didn't have any of this before social media, and if we do feel we “need” them now, that's a failure on our part, the end users.

I also agree that Twitter is an anger aggregator, and that Facebook uses friendships against us (and to some extent holds our digital family hostage) and this is the polar OPPOSITE of what the Internet should, and can, be.

Autonomy and independence should be the name of the game for the WWW. People (usually executives at large co's) scratch their heads as to how they can capitalize/make money when there aren't privacy-invasive advertising models built around their ecosystem of apps – but the bank accounts and bottom line of the 1% of 1% of people in the world are nowhere to be found on my list of concerns about what the Internet is designed to be. Many folks just go the indie web route (and I don't mean “Indie Web” like the service, I mean independent of centralized services), but still fall back on the old, easy, mainstream, convenient services of the megacorps. Of course, they (the users) can have it both ways (in practice) but one service always negates the other. And the little guy always loses when competing toe-to-toe with a multi-billion dollar corporation.

I won't go into another schpiele about why people should make the mind-numbingly obvious approach to social giants by simply closing their accounts – it isn't that hard – but suffice it to say; it is either awareness, education, or habit-breaking (or all three) that would have to happen for an individual to make the right and (as I see it) MORAL decision to stop using social giants.

Anyway, I liked your post Nate, and wish you the best :)

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