If you have money, be smart. Not fancy.

This isn't a “save your money, invest, be frugal” post like the title suggests – it is a bit more specific.

If you make good money or/and just have good money, don't buy a sports car. Every fiber of my being tells me that sports cars are purely bad luck and serve as symbols of people who like to “live on the edge” and throw caution into the wind for the sake of looking “cool”.

My cousin “D”, in-law, “B”, nephew-in-law(?) “J”, and Uncle “N” ALL had sports cars and they all either got demolished or stolen. One crashed into his garage door, one got stolen straight from my parent's driveway, one got totaled by a drunk driver (luckily, no one was in the car at the time, no one got hurt), etc. They're flat bad luck.

Buy something else, instead. Even a friggin' Mercedes. A “nice” SUV, or whatever – but instead of steering a cop magnet with a loud engine down the road at 90 mph, try to be humble and not get a damn Ferrari just because you have the money to do so. I realize there's a jump between a Ferrari and a Mustang, money-wise – but BOTH are bad choices if you want to keep the thing longer than a few months. Because as sure as you're born, something will happen to it. Always does.

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