Just Say “No” (To College)

I seriously know some people struggling with student loans at the moment and all I can say is that I am very thankful I am not in their shoes. I Have one(1) student loan that is a government student loan and I HATE the fact that it is out there and that i am going to have to pay it back one day. It is only for about $1K, but still!

But I am not here to talk about my $1K student loan. I am here to say – if you are considering going to college, DON'T! Even when people say “it is a pathway to opportunity, foot in the door, etc.”, think about it: you are Paying For The Party (as the book with the similar title states it). You are essentially buying into, and propagating a system of deliberate inequality because if it were not for the (most of the time) wealthy families paying to have their kids attend higher ed, then there would be no college system in place. Just because you can “life hack” your way into a University by taking out a (non-forgivable (sometime life crippling)) student loan to “get that same opportunity”, all you are doing is shitting on all the people around you who would be better off in a world that didn't require a BA/BS to get a simple 40 hour a week job.

If you need a piece of paper to tell you (and the world) that you are smart – You Are Not Smart! You're just shallow! But this shallowness has a terrible price (as mentioned above). I am not, against trade schools (which serve a valuable purpose), and I am not against learning in general, but there are more independent ways of learning than attending a formal college. This goes for Uni or CC, both hurt every system they are tied to (other than their own system).

I love learning. Libraries exist. Bookstores exist. The Internet exists! Use them and use them wisely.