...just sifting through some tabs of disappointment...

That's more of a humor title than a dire/serious/depressing one (in my eyes). But yea, it (surfing the web) is like that, sometimes. Like, a glance at the browser, seeing tabs newly opened, and just “clicking-in” to see what will let me down next.

A moment later, maybe a higher vigor and a “let's see what the next thing will be to blow my b*lls off!“, etc.

Lately, it (whatever “it” is – the content on line in that general timeframe, I guess) is fine. Just sort of journal entries and updates on flutter and mutter. A lot of folks are remarking on adding .rss to a Mastodon feed to “feed out” their updates, and this is true, as the .rss addition is with the recent Masto updates, but before it worked with RSS, just didn't need the .rss. And Musk stuff is all over too. Banning journos, banning features, banning banners and banning the banned from being banned.

What happens when a journalist puts their work/career into Twitter and then gets banned? Is it like that scene in Beatlegeuse where the guy opens the door in the afterworld to show “the lost souls room” and refers to it as “death for the dead”?

Likely similar

On with coffee and whatever else


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