just some coffee then

Found myself cruising WIP.chat again. I don't plan on joining, but I like to see what other people are working on. Not the most exciting place in the world (just a bunch of updates on products people are working on), but active, interesting.

The coffee has been brewed, is tasty.

As I mentioned before, I am not joining a “maker” community, as I would like to avoid any “crowd” or “community” on the Internet besides W.a (and R.w.a) and Midnight.pub. I even fooled around with having a Fosstodon account, but I saw how vicious and ignorant everyone on Mastodon can be, similar to Twitter, so, f*ck that hassle. For a community on the Internet to really “work” there has to be limits. Invite-only, or just so many people allowed to sign-up. Small size is key, I think. Like AOL chatrooms being strictly moderated by a single person + only allowing no more than 34 in the room at any given time. Moderation can only happen like that. Bots can't moderate. Auto-bans don't work. No one can/wants to hire 500 moderators, so, there is no civil place on the Internet “for everyone”. It doesn't exist.

So, I am banning myself from using any wide-open / for everyone / anything goes communication platforms. How I am doing things will work just fine :)

Coffee is about finished. Time for another bowl of Gambler tobacco.

Be back in a bit!

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