late night. coffee.

It's not terribly late, only 7:30, but it feels late outside.

I also just got sick, probably from the poor food choices I made today (a large bag of combo pretzel snacks did NOT hit the spot). Getting sick/vomiting is commonplace for me. Not because I have any type of eating disorder, but because I have an esophageal disease that causes intense heartburn when I eat the wrong thing. Or, I should say I have that (somewhat normal) condition that LEAD to an esophageal disease (known as Barrett's Esophagus), which is sort of like an eating away of the lining of the esophagus. I have to be careful with it, take medications for it. But, I feel better now – don't feel nauseated anymore.

What does that mean? Well, that means coffee. Instant coffee, as my French press days are over because the FP coffee was too rich, too strong, and was intense to have that all day, every day. Though, I do have Hueguh Coffee coming to me through the mail soon (on it's way), which of course are beans, beans which must be ground and then put through some sort of French press or Chemex. I plan on buying neither, so I may just get the beans ground and then make “cowboy coffee” where you (or I) boil the water with the grounds in it, and then simply run it through a paper filter over a mug, minus the filter holder, and just make it that way. There are some pretty elaborate coffee-making processes on YouTube and I find them all to be ridiculous. Some people say making coffee in this manner is a “conscious and contemplative process”, but my whole damn life is conscious and contemplative – I don't need a routine to remind me to breathe or think ahead on my day.

Anyway, be back in a bit

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