Late night bbq's all the time

My neighbor below me has a penchant for bbq and good weather. He bbq's Everytime the weather is even slightly nice. Doesn't bother me, except I keep my sliding glass door open on nice days, and it fills my apartment with the smell of cooked meat :/ I'm vegetarian, so this is a little annoying, but, oh well.

I'm thinking of retro computing, and just computing in general – how I should boot something besides Chrome OS on the Chromebox (HP G1 Chromebox, to be specific), but then think of what a hassle that would be. So I may just leave it. It runs plenty efficiently right now, and I don't even know what flavor of Linux I would put on there? Pop OS? Linux Mint? Would either be compatible?

I guess it is sort of worth looking into. But I would want a scaled down, minimalist, and fast OS on there. So, we'll see.

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