laundry: began

Most of the washers were available, so I started laundry, and am now at home making (what will become) espresso. I just used the last of the crystals in the Folgers instant container, and it will amount to essentially DOUBLE what I usually make. Luckily, I just bought Dollar Tree instant coffee when I was there, so I will not run out anytime soon. This cup is going to send me over the moon though, for sure ;)

Still sure that I am going to switch back to (good) ground beans, though. Via French press. Instant is fine, fits in with a Single Serving Philosophy™ (which isn't why I drink it – I just like convenience), but freshly ground coffee is where it's at. And the French press method is my favorite, because it amounts to me sipping on caffeinated motor oil (in a good way). I rarely finish a full cup of that stuff, but that is how coffee should be – so damn good, and thick, and sooty, and bold that finishing an entire mug would be an act of excessive indulgence relegated to Caligula and perverted hedonists.

So, I will “up” the coffee game soon.

More later

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