less ready, more writey

Been keepin' up with the “hOt NeWs” this evening, as I do most early evenings. It's the same as the past month – Musk bought Twitter, blog posts on how to go to Mastodon from Twitter, Musk bans Mastodon, Musk bans the press, the press joins Mastodon, the press get unbanned, the press leave Mastodon, all is forgiven and Koombayah is sung is unison around the flaming dumpster fire of inequities and disdain.

Actually most are blog posts about people going to Mastodon, liking it, and deciding to stay. Which is fine for most, those who need not worry of a blog, or “outlet” of writing or video making or recorded audio, et al. Just a place to say a lil sumthin' sumthin' will work.

But yea, the news is dry. But, so it is


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