log reach

(not the length of timber)

Does anyone “promote” their blog/log anymore? I don't, and I don't think I will, but I am curious if people have “a thing” they do to promote their blogs?

I don't think I even did that in the Notorious News days (the “pro” blogging). I mean, sharing links, recommended links, daily links – there were “cliques”/networks, and that was super fun (albeit very professional, and dependent on PageRank, traffic, CPM, etc.), and all that brought in traffic, and I sort of feel that that is all that is missing from a blog era 2.0™ from occurring online, again. Collaboration.

If there were to be “a blog to be seen”, it would have to be by word-of-mouth from other bloggers, I'd imagine. I'd like to put together a group of regular writers to link back to, and get links from, but I am not sure many would partake.

It was more beneficial when ads were involved (which is how/why I started blogging in '06). But promotion, reach, shared traffic, etc., those things started to have less weight when no money was involved (like now, and like it was when blogging started).

Still, I'd like to put together a gaggle of loggers to share links with.

just sayin

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