lol, I found a true cvlt leader

So, a long time ago (2014 or so) I used to want to live the #vanlife (hashtag necessary), and so I searched out videos on YT documenting such lifestyles. There were thousands upon thousands of videos. But one channel that stuck out was by a channel called Raw Alignment. It was a girl, Alyse Bautigam (I think), now Alyse Parker, who was just some simple hippy chick who was living in a van, dropped out of college, eating tons of raw foods, was pretty minimalist, and traveled all the time. Not the most unusual person to find putting stuff on YouTube.

Fast forward to 2020, and she has a full-on “true essence” or “true self” cult (I titled the post cvlt because I'm being stupid). She sells these “retreats” or “courses” or “headshrink programs” for $700+ (and makes a lot of money at it) with her fairly large Instagram and YouTube FOLLOWING (in the most literal sense of the word).

Now before you think I am bashing this person, let me say that I could care less how people spend their time online. But like most actual cult leaders, she is a true believer. She has drank her own Kool Aid. She uses shrooms and whatnot and has made ridiculous money by brainwashing folks, and I honestly think some of these “influenced” followers would do anything to pay their loyalty to this program, or whatever she is referring to it as.

Don't get me wrong; that's chill if people get a lot of followers on socials and stuff like that, but I think this girl is of the genuine mindset that these people “belong” to her now. That she has an actual digital family. AKA, a cult!

Pretty bizarre what people can come to believe, be it about themselves or those around them.

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