low data, no WiFi

Well, the modem I have from AT&T is bunk, busted, no good. When I moved it to another part of the room some weeks back, I could FEEL how warm (hot, actually) is was, and now it is not functioning at all. It's unplugged, as to not risk a fire hazard. My phone data, which I pay $30 per mo for 2gigs of 4G LTE, is now “out” of LTE, and I have been slowed down to 2G speeds for the remainder of January. So, slow going it will be :/

This probably means no Tidal to speak of (because it requires a better data connection to stream it's content). I can, and will, upgrade my data plan to Unlimited until I order a replacement modem, but I do not feel like paying $30 out-of-pocket right now to do so. I want to take it slow for a little while. Just focus on me, myself, and I. Perhaps get some reading done.

Anyway, just relaxing this eve. Warm day (for Jan), and another warm one tomorrow. Sunny tomorrow, too. Looking forward to it :)

... now I'm at >>> olry.co 👋