make this: long-handled measuring spoons

I just finished making an epic veggie quinoa dish. Made it many times before, perfected it long ago, no big deal. Then, I was thinking about my processes for cooking and baking. Eye-balling all the ingredients, not using measuring spoons nor cups, and I have been microwave-free for 4.5 years now. I enjoy cooking. Brings me peace (and better tasting food).

But then a million dollar idea hit me: make LONG-handled measuring spoons. I've never seen this. Think about it: you're digging in the bag of flour, or sugar, or container of baking soda EVERY time you bake. WHY are the handles for the teaspoon, tablespoon, etc. approximate to the measurement end of the utensil? (a teaspoon handle is shorter than a tablespoon handle, for example (for nesting purpose, this makes sense – but just make LONG nesting spoons!))

So, free idea 💡: make some long-handled measuring spoons (7+ inches), and you'll get rich overnight.

The end.

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