making changes / and a quick clean up

I arranged the Home Audio Rig™ 2.x.x in the living room to make a bit more sense, and also to accommodate speakers when the proper speaker wire is purchased. Mostly a headphone guy, but speakers are nice. Sometimes. Upon doing that, I had a burst if energy, so, I deep-cleaned the kitchen, wiped down the desk/island properly, cleaned the inside and outside of the fridge and freezer, and even used a wet wipe on the Pioneer stereo cabinet (which was very dusty).

And also, the ashtray stand is now being utilized next to the entrance as a “catch-all” for my keys, wallet, face mask, pocket change, etc. Why, when it is made for an ashtray? Because I am going to start smoking OUTSIDE, on my balcony, and not INSIDE where everything turns yellow and gets funky.

Smoking is bad, bad enough as it is – I do not need it IN my home. I'm a friggin adult, no need for a (small) apartment to be caked with cigarette/pipe smoke all the time.

I smoked outside my apartment (on the second floor balcony) at Pevely Pointe Apartments from 2011 – 2014 just fine, so I am OK with always stepping outside for a smoke. No big deal. And there is a nice table I can get for the balcony, too. It's a stained glass table (as in, glass that is stained – not “stained glass”), that is sitting in the 'rents basement right now – hasn't been used in years. A lot of junk over there when I think about it.

So, that'll work. I also want to get some air fresheners (the wall plug kind) for in here. Right now I just use Febreeze (when I am using a lozenge and not smoking), but I need something better.

That's all for now. Cleanliness is next to blogliness ;)

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