Now I do not have to worry about life-stopping stomach pains this evening. Usually this particular pharmacy will deliver the meds around 6-7PM on the day I order them in, but this time they had them here in under three hours :)

Still fel somewhat distraught from last night. All of a sudden there was this panicked feeling of “must organize”. It isn't like I just all of a sudden felt like I should possess things in my apartment, but that this built-up feeling of being overwhelmed by having several of too many things just finally got to me. Things are better now. Things are out of sight/out of mind, and some things have been pitched in the dumpster (namely everything that was just piled/cluttered in the small closet. I moved my chaise chair back into the living room to have a spot to sit, as there isn't a GIANT stereo cabinet hogging all the room now. Make no mistake, though – when the new chair arrives/is assembled, this chair is going straight to the dumpster (it's old, non-donatable). And to be honest, this room feels a lot more “normal” now, like home. Simple, uncluttered, not some crazy ass piece of machinery and vintage furniture replacing furniture that can, you know... be used.

The desk is staying clutter-free, too. If/when the den gets made/built in the walk-in closet (which I still plan on doing), the desktop and RPi can be set up in there, but it's just too much of a wire-laced monstrosity for it to take up ALL the counter space on the kitchen desk island. It's preposterous. I lived in this apartment for 2.5 years with nothing on that desk (other than a notebook here and there and other random items), and that is how it is supposed to look, as far as I am concerned. A workspace is nice (hence why I am working on building one in the walk-in), but right out int he center of the apartment (and halfway into the kitchen, no less), is out of the question.

More on this later.

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