Minimalist musings

I was writing to myself last night over on Mox about how I am a minimalist, but don't write (or even think) about it much anymore, because I want to avoid living an examined life. Because that way if living truly sucks, in my opinion. But in that post, I wrote about how I may not “NEED” a new Linux machine (a powerful/capable one) since I just ordered the Chromebox (weak/probably incapable of many things). And then I thought, “no. No, I definitely DO need a more powerful machine sometime in the near future”. So, game is still on in terms of getting the Linux Mint machine built. Fun.

Anyway, it's important to LIKE what you have, and not just USE what you GOT long-term. Upgrades are good, and like boodaism says (ABS) always be swapping – or – always be upgrading :)

More later

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