Someday, W.a will have the ability to add comments to a blog via (from what I hear). This will be a good thing, and I will enable this feature straight away on my TMO blog (this blog), but there will need to be a person, or people, to moderate the comments for R.w.a blogs. Moderation is very important on services that offer comments, or responses, or any type of correspondence whatsoever. It is almost as important as “deliberation” after consuming content, to DELIBERATE and THINK about what it is you, or I, have consumed. But deliberation is on the shoulders of the individual, and if they fail to do so, no one really “suffers” in the end – they just don't absorb as much. But comment moderation by PEOPLE is very important on the WWW in 2020, I believe. Bots can do XYZ tasks, yes, but as I mentioned in previous blog posts, there is no such thing as a “perfect” AI system that auto-moderates comments on ANY platform. If there were, and all (citizens) eyes were on any given platform(s), then AI would have essentially solved a riddle that governments and rulers have tried to solve for a Millenia: “how do you get people to “behave”, and not “get out of line” when conducting themselves in public?” Law, itself, wouldn't have to exist if AI could just “correct” something that went wrong, in any respect. Self-moderation is quite important, but there still has to be tie-breakers, and enforcers of the rule of thumb (or ToS) for any platform.

Just my two cents

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