more coffee, and Techno

I got sick earlier for unknown reasons, but it had something to do with overloading my system with Fuji apples and then slamming 16 oz of water. I feel better now, though.

I am making coffee to calm down a tad, as well as listening to the “Techno-ish” playlist, as the first song on here is over-the-top good: Simple Technique “Mean Regression”. It's an invasive song, intense at first, but the melody is so good as it goes along, it's incredible. Followed immediately by a song that is like a lullabye (sp?) at the start, and then turns into a Techno song towards the middle, sort of. That's Underworld “Born Slippy”. As of now there is a total of two songs on the Techno-ish playlist, because they are the only two Techno songs I genuinely like (at this point).

Coffee is finished, brewed – the songs are already over (and you can now tell how long it takes me to write something when I have music on, because I am too busy listening to write, haha). So, now, Louis Armstrong “A Kiss To Build A Dream On”, which is such a fucking jam. He sings “What A Wonderful World”, and has a very deep, tough-sounding voice, in my opinion.

I won't go into every song as it plays, but the coffee is cooling down and “Twist And Shout” just came on. Lennon's voice is so cool on this. It's like he's actually yelling the lyrics, not “fake yelling” you hear in a lot of music.

Ah, there we go, coffee is drinkable. And I think I have been writing this post for 20 minutes, so I will wrap it up. Nice night.

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