more coffee = more energy

Rare that I feel this way at this hour (well, rare for the past 1.5 weeks). I only had one (single-scoop) coffee in the past hour, and I actually feel energized to do some stuff(!!). I actually think I am (finally) beating the illness/virus/whatever it is that I had. But I am not dissecting it, just “going with the flow” :)

So, I could look into precisely what I need to do with the Thanx project, but, I think that is what I have been doing for the past two days – just trying to get an idea on what (the hell it is) I am supposed to be doing. A bit difficult to just snap my fingers and say “OK, be creative now”, or “answer a broad question you have never asked before, nor know anything about”. I mean, I will find a way around this, but in the meantime it is a bit slow-going.

But, in all fairness (to me), I do figure out a lot more stuff (and get it on the site, live) in a much shorter amount of time now than I did when I was first starting out. It took me...three weeks(?) to figure out how to connect a regular page to a .php page, and it took (roughly) three more weeks to connect anything to a MySQL db.

Databases are monotonous as hell, too – CREATE DATABASE; > SHOW DATABASE; > USE DATABASE;, blah blah, and yes there are things that (might?) make things easier in a GUI like MySQL WorkBench, but I hate those apps! Connecting to them is a pain, and also my internet connection (sometimes) times-out, so I would have to REconnect again, and it doesn't seem to make things easier. And I don't think a GUI is totally necessary (for me, at this point anyway). I avoid them.

So, I will stop complaining about databases now, and just go and figure out what I need to do with the one I have for the Thanx project.

And finish my coffee

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