More on Self Worth, Pursuing Ego

Someone (stuff life) recommended the work of Viktor Frankl (psychologist) for the purpose of finding meaning in ones (my) life. The recommendation is greatly appreciated. And also, it reminds me of the work of Carl Jung, another psychologist (a groundbreaking one) and how putting ones Ego first can be (and usually is) the catalyst to living a fulfilled life.

So putting these two together – the first “rule” for finding life's meaning (from Frankl) is to choose how one sees oneself. Or how I choose to see myself in the world. Not society telling me what I am, but me deciding what I am and how I wish to perceive my being.

Carl Jung, he speaks of the “shadow self” and the Ego as being diametrically opposed, and that is one wants to live “freely” to choose Ego and to surpress, ignore, etc the “shadow self” and to never be defined by ones (my) shortcomings. To be who I want to be, essentially.

Fascinating how in years of therapy and numerous psychiatry appointments, “professionals” in their field fail to mention some methodologies of some of the greats IN their field. You won't hear of Freud, Frankl, Jung in a psychotherapists office. As they would probably find the subject matter to be “over the head” if the client, but rarely do they make a deliberate effort to test those waters to see if the subject matter is INDEED “over the head” of their clientele.

I'm no dummy. And I am not saying my professionals whom I pay for treatment are guilty of any type of malpractice, but as it always is in life- the individual has to find his/her own way with life's biggest obstacles.

Just how it is

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