more on subjects of random nature

never know. Don't know what to write or say when I start doing it

I saw Neighbor S. He smoked and coughed, bummed me smokes. Now I will smoke and cough

Drank cheap coffee, delish

His Xmas is plan-less, as is mine

The sun beams around, nice

Been feeling Heavy Metal-y lately

Listened to Darkthrone the other day. And Mayhem. Ministry a bit.

The news, as usual, is Musk-oriented. And Twitter oriented. And why people stay/go. I decided “go”, am happy about it

Not everyone comes to that same conclusion (or yet), but, as it is. Everyone decides their own ways in life.

The news sure likes to write about it. That's the eggs in one basket approach media dependency, I guess.

A lot of people USE Twitter, less places depend on it as much as publications

Again, it's life for the past 10 years, so no “news” there

Ok, enough writing for now


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