Morning 🌅

I woke up to another cool day, but a humid one (100% humidity), and I think a lot of it has to do with all the foliage still left on the trees. Green, lush foliage, because there has not been GOOD rain here in a month. The chlorophyll in the leaves have more or less maintained in September, and that means we will NEED a rain in October (several good rains) in order for the leaves to die off and fall. And then the humidity can go, and stay, low again. If that doesn't happen, the weight of the leaves on the trees coupled with the inevitable deep freezes of Winter will caused a LOT of downed branches. And currently, there is no rain in the forecast :(

Anyway, it's 7:00, I have a bunch of trash to take out, more cleaning to do, and I think I get the keys to the apartment today :) So that's good. I am also having espresso-like coffee and working a kink out from the side of my neck/shoulder from carrying a backpack. Odd, as the backpack was not terribly heavy. Either way, no hike today or strength training because I did both yesterday.

Coffee is good. Be back soon.

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