no storms, but some rain

Just a tad bit of rain here last night, but no storm from what I can tell. Weather forecast was way off. But, we need at least some rain.

Anyway, it is almost 9:00 AM, and I got OK sleep since the last blog post, and this time I was actually able to sleep on my left-hand side (the side that hurts). I feel like things are more “in alignment” now, and less pain than yesterday, too. Still going to buy Tylenol when I am out and about, though.

Speaking of out and about, I will fetch a ride to Schnucks as planned, but the donations to Pevely Pantry will have to wait, because it is a lot of driving and the moms is tired (she's been out of town for four days), so we will make the donation early next week.

Now, coffee.

Back later