not sure what to write, so let's write!

Intentional Writing, as it were. Nothing particular to say, but saying some shit anyway. More like intentional typing, lol! So, that is what I will do.

As you can see from last night's photo, I slapped a sticker on the Mac for no other reason than I think laptops look good with stickers on them. It will be removed when I get the case for the Mac, but then re-applied when the case is put on it. It is a Blueprint Coffee sticker that I got when I ordered the manual coffee bean grinder. Blueprint Coffee has the best mochas in STL, in my opinion. Their black coffee is good, too, but not as good as Kitchenhouse Coffee on Shenandoa Blvd. I think there are three Blueprint Coffee locations in STL now, but I have only been to the one on Delmar Blvd. In fact, it was the first place I went on October 1, 2014 when I moved to STL. A rainy, warm day, most windows on Delmar had been boarded up from the protests, and right across the street was HSB Tobacconist, which is probably the premiere tobacconist in STL. I would have stopped in, but at the time I was strictly using an electronic cigarette, because I was stupid. Nicotine is stupid altogether, when you think about it, but e-cigs seem to not agree with me.

Anyway, I was slightly disappointed that my “Vegan Club” sticker wouldn't come off of the stereo cabinet to apply to the laptop, because it is a very cool sticker. It is about 12 years old I think, though. I got it along with a bunch of specialty (some expired) teas when I ordered the signed edition of The Vegan Keto Diet by Whitney Lauritsen. I have been keeping up with Whitney for about 8 years now (she runs a brand called EcoVeganGal that she is now stepping away from), and I credit her with the reason I went vegetarian. I mean I was going to go vegetarian anyway, but her videos, tips, and content kept me motivated to GO vegetarian (even though she makes exclusively vegan content). She is a very nice person.

I got some app updates this AM with the reason for the updates being “custom made for Apple silicon”. Well, I don't have Apple silicon, so I don't need the updates. But I updated, anyway. When I was doing so, I saw that I had GarageBand on this machine. I didn't think about that. I also hadn't thought of the solo Ambient Black Metal project I have been working on and tweaking for the past three years. I have loads of lyrics written, some sonic ideas, etc., but I haven't recorded a single note. Now, with GarageBand, I likely could do that. More than likely I would use a Midi keyboard as the input. So, I will definitely do this in time. That isn't to say I will know what the hell I am doing, but I CAN do this ;)

Other priorities for the time being, though. Right now my priority is making breakfast and starting my day off proper. So I will do that.

Be back in a bit!

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