now, some not-so-friendly music

But still very good music. What I can only describe as “Extreme Metal”. I will not mention the bands, because it is stuff I have listened to a million times before (+ I don't want people looking it up and being offended (though, it is nothing ignorant or hateful)).

Thoroughly enjoying it with coffee

So any dev stuffs for the night? No. I can jump into it during the day tomorrow. I know I have my work cut for me in regards with what needs to get made, so, I will not “run out” of things to do.

As mentioned (in previous blog posts), the “next step” with the dev stuff is connecting what is already there to a db. That is kinda easy (I know the steps to do it), but, I am only familiar with the “protocol” for connecting form fills (putting form data into a db), and not what would go inside a textarea (or, if the “content” from within the text area can even GO into a db?). So, there's plenty of stuff to figure out.

It'd be nice if this project didn't involve data, or a database. If it were totally private and amnesic, and everything was “right there on the surface”. I more or less attempted to try this with the first service I (kinda/sorta) built, – but, I got hung up on the part that involved the URL rewrite, so each post could have a unique (and short) URL (which I now know are the mod_rewrite rules). That service can and will be built again (with a different name), but in the meantime, I have to figure out this thing involved a db.

Be back later