NYR 2021 (New Years Resolutions 2021)

To keep this blog political-free. I usually keep it that way, anyway, but I am making a commitment to STAY political-free on TMO for at least all of 2021 (starting now, of course – because I have already said a couple political things up until this point).

I don't follow politics, anyway. Or read the news. Or use social media that FORCE feeds people the news (and ads). I don't discuss politics with people IRL, either. But this blog isn't exactly IRL, is it? Not to say this blog is a hallucination, or “doesn't exist”, it just holds no bearing on things I do IN real life. That's why I find it humorous when people start “Internet companies” – like, a thing that is supposed to make people's lives better, but, really just makes a handful of people richer. LOL!

I mean shouldn't companies be about putting people to work? Providing income, enriching livelihoods, making the world a better place? How can an insular, introverted media service improve anyone's life outside of the rare few who are RUNNING that service?

Anyway, that was an unnecessary tangent (but a true one, nonetheless). Point of this blog post is to say that this blog will ignore politics in 2021. And this would be the case no matter who the POTUS was/is.

So that's all. Thanks for reading.

... now I'm at >>> olry.co 👋