officially official

Thanksgiving is off. We will have it virtually through FaceTime, that is the best way to do it. The food part of course is no big deal to me, because I am vegetarian and can't eat the majority of Thanksgiving foods to begin with. Yams and pecan pie is about all I eat at the event.

Xmas, there is still discussion of having Xmas Day at the 'rents, but I doubt I would go, because the quarantine will still be going at that time (and for the week following). I will assume it will be cancelled, because it is necessary for us to do so this year. Our whole region of Missouri has far too many cases to NOT cancel.

This is all well and good, though. I am used to staying in my apartment the majority of the time. I will just pretend I am a hermit and that I never get to see anybody ever, haha. I actually KNOW people who live like that 24/7, and yes they are still alive and healthy, from what I can tell.

So theres that.

Me? I have my list/budget all laid out, ready to go. All the essential goods I will need are on there, incl Dr Bronners castille soap, which I will use to do some laundry in the bathroom sink, but I will also put money on my laundry card (via debit card, because that is how the machine works now), as well as a large thing of paper towels, Cascade pods, razor blades, and of course, tobacco!

Reminds me of a thing I saw online where someone mused that they could go an entire year without leaving a single room. They immediately realized that that room would be the bathroom, but that they could easily go an entire year without leaving a studio apartment if they wished to. I am not doing such a thing, but 40 days seems OK ;)

More later

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