Offline Journal Thoughts (or, “On (My) Writing”)

I am writing for....what reason? This is a good and honest question. Why DO I write? Well, like I have said many times before (and it is still true), it is to maintain my own sanity, more or less. I spend SO much time home alone, and I NEED something to take my mind off of things. I don't want to be “Alone Together” on social media, and I don't want to “socialize” via that medium to begin with, anyway. If/when it comes time for me to socialize with people, it is much better to be done IRL, in a physical space. When I am alone, I AM alone – and I can just write to myself to make myself feel better. It's that simple.

I also consider myself more of a “typist” than a writer. A diarist and a typist. Documenting the mundane, and the not so mundane, and everything in between. I don't think a lot of people are doing what I am doing on the WWW. Or maybe some are, and I just haven't found them – but there certainly are not a LOT of them. I don't see myself living my life in any other way in the near or distant future.

You see, the reason it hasn't been like this for 10+ years (or since 2009), is because back then I was writing “professionally” – but more important, soon after that ended, I discovered Twitter. And that's where a lot of my thoughts, and ideas, and emotions, and everything else ended up for over a decade. Mid-2009 to September 2019. Wasted, as far as I am concerned. So now that I am a year out from quitting all social media (it is now August, 2020), I basically just have and maybe a digital journal or two left. If I were in solitary confinement, I would beg the guards for pen and paper.

So, the future, foreseen and unforeseen: I'm not sure what will come of what? I paid for 5 years of, and I guess I will just stay on the platform (no reason to leave) and everything else is too costly, too difficult, or just gets in the way of the writing. Offline journals are OK, but I sorta like having a small audience via the blog, instead.

Sometime, maybe someday, I can/will get to the bottom of what this whole writing thing is about. I will have an epiphany and discover just what I was doing that whole time I was hammering away text for what seems like 24/7. Maybe.

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