On another note...

...it's ice cold out tonight and most things are covered in ice. And for some reason, YT thinks I am some sort of sailor/fisherman because I watched a couple videos of NWPipeSmoker (where he is on a boat) and now my recommendations are mostly about people living aboard small vessels. 26 footers, 30 footers, etc. I wrote about this the other night, but I have been watching more videos on the subject (sailing) this evening. Fascinating lifestyle, for sure. It would definitely be a lot of work to be a sailor, especially for long journeys, but luckily I do not have that particular ambition.

Hiking is just fine. I like trees and land, not salt water and drowning ;)

The cool air is coming in through the (barely cracked) sliding glass door, and I am having coffee and more Haunted Bookshop tobaccy. The smell of the tobacco itself does not grow on you. It smells pretty foul, if I am being honest. Totally different than all the other blends I have smoked. But the flavor is outstanding, and with a fair amount of nicotine to boot!

So anyway, I need a haircut. Probably not before Saturday when we go to my niece's to clean up the house she is about to move in to (in a week actually! Time flies!). I am going to try for Sunday for the haircut. I will be shaving most of my head aggressively short, but keeping all the hair on top. A very HIGH fade (almost a mohawk). Gonna look/feel good.

I am also pretty wired. This espresso + nicotine is kicking my ass, but I love it! I think I am going to avoid the sailing videos for the rest of the night, because there is no point in wanderlusting over something I will never do. Same goes for #vanlife type of videos. Hiking, backpacking, vagabonding – much more my style.

Be back in a bit!

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