On Indifference

Or, disinterest. Or, on the subject of “not liking things”.

Me, I am still trying to find, figure out, discover some thingS (plural) that I may or may not like since I left Big Social™ in September of 2019. I discovered that I like audio stuff a lot, and I like to listen to music (as per usual), but the actual equipment and culture behind the components I am actually attracted to. More on the design side of things than the engineering aspect. I also dabbled with Web development in the past several months (though not recently). Writing a blog, or journal, is just a thing that sorta happens, anyway – but SOME effort goes into it, for sure.

But, I am still in a pseudo-recovery phase of just having spent 10+ years inoculating myself with self-administered dopamine toxicity via feeds, scrolling, envy, and arguing. I stopped liking things in my life, then I stopped liking the things on the feeds, then I stopped liking people (on or offline), then I stopped liking myself – and I had to quit.

Some people (most people) here on R.w.a, as well as my RSS reader, are discussing bans (or a/the ban), which is definitely a “stem the inflow” (a minimalism term I use) type of move on the part of social giants – but to me it seems like it is just getting rid of the biggest instigator in an overrun mental hospital. At the end of the day, it'd be nice to CLOSE, or at least ESCAPE the mental hospital. So, rejoice and dance, and kiss and hug and yada yada – but to put that “feather in our cap”, so to speak, call it a day, be satisfied and call it a “win for America”...well...that's exactly why we don't win. Little, trite victories are won in a world of runaway injustices, and people are pacified with their little participation ribbon – I suppose it is a sheer fact that Americans (which I've been my whole life) have no ambitions.

So what's your BIG suggestion, TMO? Ya know-it-all!

I don't have any. People are dog gone adults and know how to run their lives, think for themselves, make their own decisions in their time on Earth. I won't hold anyone's hand or coddle their opinions or state of confusion.

I guess I'm just venting about other people again, which is a silly thing to do, in all reality. I mean, do I know “most” people? No, I don't.

But, yea. Make decisions. Good decisions are better than not good decisions – but choose something. That's all.

... now I'm at >>> olry.co 👋