On Testing

I am trying to arrange a ride within the next couple of days to go to Total Access Urgent Care at 8AM for โ€œFirst come, first serveโ€ COVID-19 testing. I've had a frequent-though-not-intense cough for the past week, and that could be virus-related. Or smoking related. I am hoping for the latter. Either way, it's about time I get tested. I may be fine. I may be fine and still have COVID. idk.

I am sure I will feel fine, but I don't want to go to Thanksgiving if I am COVID positive. Or go to Xmas if I am COVID positive. The idea of a 40 day quarantine actually sounds OK, to me. idgaf because I am at home almost all the time, anyway.

So, in the midst of writing this blog post, I arranged for a ride to TAUC at 7:30 AM (because they open at 8) on Saturday. This is good. Results are in 2-3 days after testing, according to their Website (and what one nurse said over the phone).

Okie dokie, then.

Sidenote: Therapy has been rescheduled for later in the day. That's fine.

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