one-mile walk. nice

have heartburn like hell after a one-mile walk. A very pleasant walk through the neighboring neighborhood. A quiet little subdivision with some pretty nice architecture. I can tell that the same architect designed some of those houses around the 1940's or so, and purposely spaced them out. And then smaller (still very nice) houses were built in-between those houses some time after.

South County is a nice place.

Like all of STL, though, it depends what block you are on. Just around the corner from this nice, quaint, quiet subdivision is an apartment complex that has police coming in/out of there every single day. There could be an epidemic of elderly people falling or passing away or some shit at that complex, but I sincerely doubt it. Call me a cynic.

Anyway, back at home sweet home now, aiding my heartburn (which is quite strong), and #writing away, because that is what I do.

Take two: I just threw up :/ (gross, I know). But damn, do I feel better!

Anyway, I really enjoyed that walk, and I am promising myself another one tomorrow, same route, as the sun sets. It is still overcast today, but I figured if it rained I would still be OK because I was never more than ½ a mile from my apartment. Glad I didn't make the trek to Cliff Cave Park, too, because the gnats (just on this short walk) were pretty intense. One reason is because it seems like EVERYBODY cut their grass today, and the other reason is that the insects are always intense this time of year. In Missouri, anyway. Cecadas (if I am spelling that right?) are coming out this year, too. The every-17-years kind, and they are going to be an incredible nuisance. Haha. I will probably not be able to hear my own speakers in my apartment because of the noise they make constantly. But there is nothing I can do about it.

Anyway, more later

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