Opting-in on notifications

Not for superfluous shit, but opting in for notifications (via SMS) for UPS deliveries from now on. In fact, I wish there were an notification option for when my regular mail was delivered via USPS. The best I can do on that front is to use Informed Delivery. Anyway, UPS says there is a weather delay for the “Next-Day Air” delivery – which I assume means the truck driver went off an icy cliff and plunged to a flaming death, because from what I've heard Next-Day Air is fairly reliable. I mean I might be wrong, but the weather news I have heard have put the snowfall forecast at 3-6 inches from here all throughout the NE. IS that too much snow?! LOL! I mean there are numerous variables that could be the cause: humidity causing things to melt/re-freeze, and therefore bad roads, downed trees blocking roads, etc., but in my living memory this is the most inconvenienced the United States has ever been for such a light forecast. The USPS (“no matter rain, sleet, or snow”) stopped the mail outright for four consecutive days this past week. And that isn't including yesterday (Sunday) or today (President's Day), of course.


I have notifications turned on, I will see/know when things start moving again. This post has been a shitload of venting as if venting makes any semblance of a difference, and it does not.

Notifications, though. They're good. Convenient. I want more of them for things in the real world – my laundry gets done: notification. Mail arrives: notification. Or, like when I was in St Louis, when the rent was due I got an SMS notification, and all I had to do was text back “PAY” and they used my debit card on-file and my rent got paid. Same for deliveries at the front door at that building – someone shows up, pizza gets delivered, I get a package: notification, notification, notification. Convenient.

... now I'm at >>> olry.co 👋