...or as I call it, blog post in a bottle

It seems what Inquiry is describing here is what I call “blog post in a bottle”. Like putting a piece of text into a bottle, and then throwing the bottle into the sea of the WWW (maybe that can be the next VC hotphrase/euphemism/Silicon Terminology™ ? – The World Wide Web Ocean (rolls right off the tongue!)). Similar to a “stranded on a desert island, send help, supplies, rescue” type of deal.

Sometimes (as I've seen on R.w.a and the small community here) it works, and an e-mail comes this way, though Remark.as is nearly blank, so...

Props on the “don't call me Shirley” reference. Airplane is a great movie! I saw a clip of “100 best lines in movies” and they were chock full of classic lines – the “hell of as thing killing a man” line from Eastwood in The Unforgiven, the “you can't handle the truth” line from Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men, all kinds of Oscar-level classic lines, and in it, was the “don't call me Shirley” line (and maybe one other line of comedy) because Neilsen's delivery of that line was so dead serious, so unexpected, and so effective, that I think the first time anyone sees that movie, they are floored with humor. I was both jolted with laughter and the sense of being impressed with how spontaneous and “out of left field” that line was the first time I saw Airplane on TV in the 1980s.

Stay well, Inquiry. Until later..

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