Went to the rents earlier today. Cleaned windows, packed crates, moved furniture around. The mom is not moving, but she had a lot of stuff that needed to be done before she has the bedroom painted. She is tearing up the old carpeting and replacing that a month from now. Gonna be a lot of busy-body work going on there for the next 30-ish days and I am all too happy to help out.

As for me, I have an appt on Tuesday for therapy + grocery shopping on Monday, and I will tr4y to keep myself busy this weekend with...idk what the hell with. LOL! Reading, probably.

I have yet to complete (write) the conclusion to MMMhub but there is certainly no hurry with that. Though, as soon as I finish that I can move onto the next project until iPadOS is released and I can complete MMMhub. Again, though, no rush. And speaking of the iPad since I spent a healthy chunk of cash on it I am looking forward to buying some other things I need for around the apartment/in life in September such as Chuck Taylor shoes, safety razors, a Zippo and some tobacco. Simple Analytics, too, but that is more or less a recurring expense (similar to this blog (not complaining)). Hell, I NEED some thing for around the apartment. Need to make an investment in the IRL space instead of just they digital space in my life. LOL!

Anyway, be back in a bit!

The weather was 73 degrees around 11 AM this morning so i decided to walk to Cliff Cave Park and enjoy the light breeze. It got a lot hotter by the time I reached the park and more humid, as well. By the time I got home, the walk had taken it ALL out of me and I basically collapsed on my bed and almost hyperventilated. Haha. The only thing I have to show for it (besides possible weight loss) is a sunburn on my face, ears, and neck. Not. Painful sunburn but a lot of redness, nonetheless.

I will not be walking to Cliff Cave again until the weather improves greatly.

Thats all. Be back in a bit!

Everything is accounted for in the September, 2019 #budget and all my finances are in order, everything looks good. Good to go! The monies I will have left over I will use towards Chuck Taylors (low-top, sunflower yellow, dapper), a new case for my Pixel 3a (one that will not be removed and therefore not get worn out), and the tobacco purchase from P&C (nothing too expensive).

I got to thinking about my commitment to #minimalist spending and realized that I do not need the Brydge keyboard at all. The MS Arc Mouse, not needed either (until iPadOS arrives sometime in (probably) late-September). So I decided to nix those things from the budget. For now, anyway. I will probably buy some silver in September, as well. In fact, I know I will. Been a while since I bought some.

Anyway, that is all for now. Be back in a bit!

...a cast of me working on MMMhub (using ScreenCapture (or whatever it is called) on iPad) will be uploaded to YT in due time. I will put it on my YT channel (ugh! That sounds so gross) when I finally assemble the Website (probably on It is going to be a lot of hit and miss, it will take a while, and I am going to add music to it(?), and the comments will be turned OFF on the video when it is uploaded. I call it a cast and not a stream because everything will be recorded/edited before I upload it to YT. But itll be there.

In fact, I just started recording my screen just now so I can see if this file type can be uploaded to YT in the first place.

#build #make #startups #solo #indie

Keep The Internet Free!

I dont know why I say that when the majority, if not all of my #writing is not bad. In fact I am usually aware when my writing has gone sour because I will delete everything that I have written (even if it is 10K+ words) and start over. Now is probably a bad time to plug my e-book Littered Thoughts linked on, but I am reminded of it because it is the only e-book that is avail from me even though I had written (and published) several in the past. I dont delete them out of self-destruction but out of self-care. I dont want people reading garbage. LT is certainly not garbage.

So anyway, MMMhub I write the conclusion to the project tonight but I am still, of course, unable to make it into the Website it will one day become because I do not have #iPadOS, yet. Soon, though. Soon. The project will be done tonight (the content), just nothing will be designed, thats all.

Speaking of #design ideas, I have a lot for It is always good to have multiple things going, I find, as long as you are making progress on all of them on the reg. I added another page to the notes in my IdeaBook notebook that I keep offline, and I am pretty excited about the whole thing.

Be back in a bit!

This blog to Tumblr, that is. Why not just write the blog, itself, on Tumblr to begin with you ask? Because readers are on this #blog (to begin with) + If I am #writing something on Tumblrand I lose Internet connection for even a second, Tumblr thinks that is the queue to erase everything and not publish when I hit the button that says Publish. Its great. Its like they were directly confronted with a problem and made a deliberate decision not to solve it. Fuck Tumblr.

But I wanna give Tumblr a second chance, so long as I never have to actually visit the site again. It is synced here. Here to there, that is, so fuck it there it is.

This is basically how I would write out a blog post. Nothing really changes much other than their #content itself and I am writing at whatever pace feels right for me and I write about things I like to help me understand why I like them.

So I am just testing this out

Be back in a bit!

Keeping everything in my photographic archive (or at least the good photographs) on from here on out, so please do find me on there ;) I have removed Instagram from my phone (and it was never avail on iPad) because of the numerous #privacy concerns surrounding their parent co (Facebook) but I hesitate to delete my Instagram account altogether because a very long-distance first cousin and his family are on Instagram and I do not wish to lose contact with them in any way. The rest of the fam are close by and I see them in person several times a year and that is how it is, but, I decided I will only check Instagram every so often in a privacy-centric browser to see the photos of the cousin and his family and....yeah.

More on photography I have a lot of photos to post on I also am closing my VSCO account (only several photos on there), not out of privacy concerns, but simply because I see no value in a filter-forward photo service when all of my photos are posted without a filter (usually) as I am using a Pixel 3a that takes excellent shots. What I like about PixelFed is (much like Mastodon) every feature you could want is there. Incl Web publishing. Just...very good.

As for #apps on my phone, they are basically all communicae, and nothing else. Utility apps (task manager, phone, Signal, tethering, camera, LastPass, etc.). In fact, I dont even have a browser on there, opting for the LastPass built-in browser, instead.

Anyway, this is where Im at. Be back in a bit!

Now to move onto section Z on MMMhub. But I am not tackling it just yet. But very soon. Once that is complete....idk, I guess what for iPadOS to come out so I can actually get this ish on the WWW and have it look pretty. I know that I can complete the entire thing Before iPadOS is released because as I mentioned before, I have the whole thing being built-out in Pages, so the elbow grease will be done, I will just have to make it avail on the Internet (in a cool, attractive, pretty way).

I almost feel like I am doing college work but really this whole thing is for myself and for fun, so, that is cool.

Be back in a bit!

Began work (continued it, really) on MMMhub and I am going to be assembling the remainder of what I have in Pages for iPad, and then I will get everything set up and looking pretty on with a little help from our trusty friends HTML + CSS. I can only compile everything (with any sense of ease) once iPadOS arrives and I have

A) mouse support

B) desktop-class Safari

Until then everything will be put together in a sort of e-book layout on Pages. I really like Pages I think it looks v sexy.

The method to the madness is: it goes as a sort of non-decluttering method. That is to say instead of looking at all the stuff you have and developing emotional attachments to some (or all) your things, and going from Z to X, eliminate all that shit by going from X to Y to Z and figuring out what you actually,really, truly NEED + WANT + ACTUALLY USE and then evolving from there. Its the easiest method in my eyes.

Anyway, that is all for now. Be back in a bit! #minimalism

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