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Just sat outside for 15 minutes, having a smoke of plain ole' Virginia tobacco out of the custom acorn cob – in the rain (but under my balcony awning (sp?) of course). Windy, rainy, a chill in the air – absolutely delightful.

I was looking at Nebula Co-working (off Cherokee Street in St Louis), and was thinking how damn nice it would be if there were a co-working place in South County. I mean, there is always the library, and that is good enough (and close enough) for me, I suppose – but, it is not the same. The other side to that coin is that the library is totally free, so...yea.

While I was looking at the map (of Nebula), I saw it is on the corner of Cherokee Street and Jefferson Avenue, so then I started to look at real estate on there (not that I would move to that area, really, but still...), and there are some nice pre-war homes in that district! It's like a historic district of some kind, and some of the homes are cheap as hell, large, and beautiful! Makes me fantasize (but not too much, lol!).

Anyway, nice morning here


Apparently I DID get enough sleep last night (or sporadically throughout the day), because I am wide awake now. Either that, or coffee.

Please ignore the “bad tutorials” rant from earlier. It was an obnoxious thing to write, or even think about, let alone read.

Anyway, it is almost 3:00 AM here, I have no plans to sleep anytime soon (as I said, I am energized as hell). And I am feeling really good, so, that is...GOOD!

Rain just moved in. Windy, too. Very nice. High of 74F today, as well :):)

Back later


Looking at code in tutorials, particularly old code in tutorials, is all but worthless.

I sometimes see in YouTube videos, someone will “copy/paste” and entire body of code from StackOverflow and put it into their files or whatever, but...

Why would I EVER need to do this???

Rarely is someone having the exact issue I am having, let alone even be in the same ballpark – I always get hints of where to go, what to do next, and then I reference the official documentation for the language I am working with at that particular moment.

But, yea, apparently “the internet has all the answers”.

I am not annoyed, just disappointed that...IDK. I know people write some damn ass ugly code out there, though :/

Turning the focus back unto myself

What do I write? Nada. Zip. Zilch. I (mostly) rely on other peoples knowledge-base and good fortune to help me through(out) the “web dev” process. Not that I am in “Tutorial Hell™” (like I said, they can steer me in the right direction, and then I go to the official docs), but I wish some people would put a teeny tiny bit more effort into a “tutorial”, or even a StackOverflow “solution”. So many haphazard snippets and bits and bobs out there – sad, indeed.

Anyhow, I fooled and fussed with the thing enough for this eve, created a database for the task at-hand, and now that is enough for the eve (because I will not get anywhere with it at 2 in the morning with minimal sleep).

Back later


Rare that I feel this way at this hour (well, rare for the past 1.5 weeks). I only had one (single-scoop) coffee in the past hour, and I actually feel energized to do some stuff(!!). I actually think I am (finally) beating the illness/virus/whatever it is that I had. But I am not dissecting it, just “going with the flow” :)

So, I could look into precisely what I need to do with the Thanx project, but, I think that is what I have been doing for the past two days – just trying to get an idea on what (the hell it is) I am supposed to be doing. A bit difficult to just snap my fingers and say “OK, be creative now”, or “answer a broad question you have never asked before, nor know anything about”. I mean, I will find a way around this, but in the meantime it is a bit slow-going.

But, in all fairness (to me), I do figure out a lot more stuff (and get it on the site, live) in a much shorter amount of time now than I did when I was first starting out. It took me...three weeks(?) to figure out how to connect a regular page to a .php page, and it took (roughly) three more weeks to connect anything to a MySQL db.

Databases are monotonous as hell, too – CREATE DATABASE; > SHOW DATABASE; > USE DATABASE;, blah blah, and yes there are things that (might?) make things easier in a GUI like MySQL WorkBench, but I hate those apps! Connecting to them is a pain, and also my internet connection (sometimes) times-out, so I would have to REconnect again, and it doesn't seem to make things easier. And I don't think a GUI is totally necessary (for me, at this point anyway). I avoid them.

So, I will stop complaining about databases now, and just go and figure out what I need to do with the one I have for the Thanx project.

And finish my coffee

back later


But still very good music. What I can only describe as “Extreme Metal”. I will not mention the bands, because it is stuff I have listened to a million times before (+ I don't want people looking it up and being offended (though, it is nothing ignorant or hateful)).

Thoroughly enjoying it with coffee

So any dev stuffs for the night? No. I can jump into it during the day tomorrow. I know I have my work cut for me in regards with what needs to get made, so, I will not “run out” of things to do.

As mentioned (in previous blog posts), the “next step” with the dev stuff is connecting what is already there to a db. That is kinda easy (I know the steps to do it), but, I am only familiar with the “protocol” for connecting form fills (putting form data into a db), and not what would go inside a textarea (or, if the “content” from within the text area can even GO into a db?). So, there's plenty of stuff to figure out.

It'd be nice if this project didn't involve data, or a database. If it were totally private and amnesic, and everything was “right there on the surface”. I more or less attempted to try this with the first service I (kinda/sorta) built, – but, I got hung up on the part that involved the URL rewrite, so each post could have a unique (and short) URL (which I now know are the mod_rewrite rules). That service can and will be built again (with a different name), but in the meantime, I have to figure out this thing involved a db.

Be back later


On the recommendation of a YouTube video, I am checking out Loud Reed/John Cale – Songs For Drella (which is an album not a song (it might be a song, IDK, I am only three songs in)). It's a very clear and bold album, so far. Just like vocals and guitar, not too much else happening with it – but it is nice :)

Gonna sit and listen

Back later


...I just feel a drain of energy, lack of enthusiasm, and no motivation to do anything.

I know this is due to the remnants of whatever virus I had over the past week + weekend, but, it still sucks.

Anyway, I am making coffee again, allowing night to fall and the lethargy to therefore fall over me. The coffee might delay the tiredness, but in the end, I will be quite tired.

Plans for tomorrow

Well, I have the whole day. So, I will probably do some dev stuff in the afternoon or morning sometime (e.g when I have a fair amount of energy).

And let's discuss the Thanx project a bit, eh?

There's a lot going into it. I mean I am learning a lot, and it is a good use of time, and it is something that I have always wanted to do, but how to implement Step A with Step B with Step C, etc. can be a headache. That is the nature of building any type of application, I would imagine (and not some unique, special complaint that only I have on my own). But it is still a complaint.

So, the pros definitely outweigh the cons, for sure – but, there are some cons.

And having the mental fortitude, enthusiasm, energy to keep up is wearing on my body, itself. And I am speaking in regards to Right Now, not on the usual, day-to-day, when-I-am-not-sick basis. Usually I am really jazzed to do some development, just...because.

Anyhow, that was a bunch of stuff about me and not so much about the Thanx project, I guess, so, sorry about that. In terms of Thanx, I will not go too far into it, because everything is not even what I would consider a “beta” or even “alpha” version – it's more like laying a foundation that is surrounded by scaffolding. Maybe one floor is built, out of an unknown number of floors.

Back later


To let in the sun. Let in the Vitamin D (that isn't filtered through the UV-blocking properties of these windows, I am sure). Just feeling good on a sunny day, is all :)

Kinda tired, kinda not. But I am not going to sleep. I need to be awake during the day, and sleeping at night, if I am to have a chance of getting back to 100%.

The coffee helps, too. About done with this cup, and will pop in some nicotine gum in a bit, as I am not in the mood for a pipe.

So, I guess I can do some dev work in a tad bit here. I kinda/sorta know what to do next, but haven't given it deep thought, because I was just so thrilled with the progress I have made over the past week, that I just let the cards fall where they may, and didn't delve deeper into the next step. I have something on the Standard Notes checklist though, I am sure. I think I am going to be saving entries (or “Thanx messages”) to a database in some way.

Not sure. Will update when I have more details.

Back later.


Sat out there for a little bit. Somewhat cloudy, somewhat sunny – both. I am making coffee ☕ and will have some out there in a minute. Can't blog via phone (or any device) out there, though, as the screen reflection is too intense.

I need from fresh air and Vitamin D, hopefully sitting out there a bit helps me feel better (or gets me back to 100%). Three Extra Strength Tylenol may help, too (which I took over an hour ago).

Need to get back with it

Back later


Going to clean up the apartment in a little bit. If anything so I do not have it on my to-do list for later in the week, when I am doing running around on Wednesday and then leaving to go to the sister's on Friday. So, it will get done today.

But first, coffee.

[7 minutes later]

First installment of the cleanup: COMPLETE!

As the coffee was brewing, I started dishes, Clorox Wiped down the kitchen counter, as well as the bathroom sink and bathroom mirror. The rest of the bathroom will be done soon. Just wanted to get a head start.

I also Google Duo'd with my Great Nephew (or Duo'd with my mother, who is babysitting him, I should say), cute baby.

The apartment smells of cigarettes, Clorox Wipes, and dishwasher soap now – not the worst smell, I guess. Haha.

Dev stuff can/will happen later on tonight, if I don't feel sore/tired. I wouldn't be surprised at all if it turned out to be a “mild” case of COVID – even though I got both shots of Moderna(sp?), there are still breakthrough cases every now and then, so I don't know at this point.

Back later


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