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My caseworker came by. Had me digi-sign a release for her to talk to the housing manager. I signed it, and then she sent an e-mail (in front of me) to the housing manager and made mention that me, her (caseworker) and the housing manager need to have a three-person Zoom call, as this is what was conveyed to me by the housing manager some time ago.

I'm over all this, though. Nothing has moved along (e.g me signing a release for the caseworker to even discuss my file three(3) weeks after initially getting the caseworker involved.

I am on a waitlist for a South City clustered apartment place, may take several months. This is besides the point, though.

Anyway, moving on

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In response to Inquiry, captioned here:

Yea, at some point circa mid-1990s the VC's of the soon-to-be Silicon Valley Internet Utopia decided the “a rose by any other name” method of pseudo re-inventing the wheel of common, everyday activities was the way to move product. Or gain customers. Both. Not such as that of MP3 v CDs, or shared download links to a 20MB file that an online outlet will charge $15+ a pop to get access to (e.g e-books, which is effectively buying nothing) – at least those had something “new”(er) attached to them. Most other one-off concepts (like textcasting) are are just World Wide Web-anese for “elevate so and so's term to make them seem/look special”.

Blogging is just writing

Podcasting is just recorded audio

Vlogging is just filming oneself

etc and so on

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No. I saw a thing from Dave Winer (is the name?) about how he (apparently, don't know if I've heard of him before) “invented” blogging, podcasting, RSS , et al. I'll take his bio for it, but I've never came across his name.

So, the Silicon Valley startup founder of two wants to call blogging “textcasting” now. Why? Because he like podcasts, I am positive.

I'll stick with blogging. Or simply logging. Fxxx, it's just writing. Gimmicky quimsy little start-up names from the 1990's are dated and useless.

Nothing will “go big”. Trends are oVeR. No wants wants a (THE) new thing. Realignment with being just online is satisfactory enough for me.


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My sister “C” is off the list of folks I will talk to.

Anyone who checks in and bothers me unnecessarily gets the cold shoulder until I say...ever. She has violated her good grace, so I will not speak with her again.

Other news

I walked to Schnucks, got soda. In the rain.

Talked to Neighbor S. Smoked.

Now home, cleaning up


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Let's write a thing, as coffee heats.

I sometimes feel as though people think, hell even credit themselves, with being “highly empathetic”, or at least relatable. Just “we get it, because we get it”.

Cool. But...not so.

People are generally assuming of how and why people are. With consistent “question = answer” formulation of the “always avail” Internet, of always knowing “what everyone is up to” with social media, with people just “figuring it out” (all things) without having to procure curiosity, wonder, inquisition, etc., they just sort of “have it all squared away”. No sense of “why is this person of this mindset?“, “what makes so and so tick?”, “How can we understand?”.

So, without inquisition/wonder, yet a sort of self-assured assumption (about people, things, places, ideas) – it's just a bunch of dry predictability.

Be different. Have fun.

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Well, writing now. And the stream started, too. It's a Twitch stream of Megan and Cooper, who I've mentioned before, because they are a nice (seeming) married couple who do a small chat before streaming a game, and they have a nice banter.

I started with podcasts back in 2014 with The Completely Unnecessary Podcast mostly because (well, in that case only because) of the banter between the two hosts.

Realizing something: I watch so much gaming-related content online, and I play zero games.


I watch maybe a handful of streamers, these folks are one of them.

This reminds me of a different podcast called “The Trashcast” which was some New York dude co-hosting with one-time journo Paul Miller (who became relatively known for going off the Internet for a year and writing about it through The Verge, but not being online to do so). On a particular episode of The Trashcast, Paul opined that he wants “a thing” to be invented online, where it is: “someone starts a stream, or a broadcast, and then “sends it out”, as if to say “be there or be square”, and then everyone tunes in”.

He basically described a highly-followed person sending a Tweet for a stream :/


The Trashcast sucked, though. Terrible broadcast, but I liked the Website back in the day (nicely designed, and called like or something like that).

Anyway, back to it

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Simplicity ;)

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I called my caseworker. She got an e-mail back from the Farmington housing manager (seemingly weeks ago, as it took her a bit to sift through her inbox on the phone, and locate the e-mail), and the housing manager needs a signature from me in order to allow her (housing manager) to speak with my caseworker about me. So, essentially step 1 of 100+.

My caseworker is coming by tomorrow, and I will sign the form. And she will continue on with not much else from there. She (my caseworker) said she will e-mail the Farmington housing manager to let the housing manager know the form is on the way (digital submission through an inner-office system). Beyond that, it's likely up to my caseworker to continue contact/communication. I sincerely doubt my caseworker will feel “up” for that. The picture I am painting of my caseworker is clear, so I won't divulge, but she should consider applying to be a guest on Dr Phil as soon as she can, because she needs to be called out on her non-work ethic and lies in front of a studio audience to perhaps bring her back to reality.

I also had an appt with my psych doc. Went ok. I told her I would increase the current med to twice the current (low) dose, and made sure she knew my situation, as well as the fact that meds are but a small element of everything that is going on, and that until I get into a social living environment, I may as well be taking sugar pills (I wasn't that crass, but it is true).

Tomorrow I have a therappy appt. Looking forward


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...and speaking of bud (wish I had some of that newly legal weed in Missouri)

Ironic, to reference the blogs/gemlogs/and Web presence of Inquiry as “I”, as there are overarching theme(s) of self-reflection and ego sprinkled throughout the blogs he's had in years past. Terrific dude.

In regards to this post, which he replies to this post, I take a good piece of advice from within:

But, anyway, hope you find at least some distraction, if not genuine fulfillment.

...and in regards to the “delete before publishing” thing, that is not how words and wanderings work with this log, I'm afraid. As has always been the case – when it doubt, hit publish!

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This not some insightful, thought-out post (nice title though, eh?). Just thoughts.

Despite Zuckerberg's Meta (and it is HIS Meta – no one else has a say) losing 70%+ market value in a year, mostly in 2022 (re: The Zine Around The Corner Issue 11), and the entire online advertising market being consumed by TikTok, to the demise of Google (Alphabet), YouTube (Alphabet), of course Facebook, Amazon, et al., as well as Twitter being bought by one of the world's biggest propagandists and racists (he was once an “innocent household name” for a long time, but when thinking about it, so was Donald Trump) – everything that is pursued and put forward by an individual who has a net worth of 10+ figures seems to be failing miserably.

How and why is this?

Hell if I know. I do not have a crystal ball, am not an economist, and in regards to reading/watching anything online that could provide insight into “the economy” is essentially just hot takes on particular stock market activity. What some call (in fact, teach in university) “the economy” is nothing more than what I call “market studies”. So to get any type of clarity on “what is effecting what” is impossible. Big co's need big money, big money go away, go away big co's, too.

Adding to this, is the aforementioned presence of TikTok in the Western world. Most TikTok users (not customers, mind you) are in the West, and most advertisement and marketing dollars for the West have to go where the people are. To do so, they must pay to advertise on TikTok. TikTok is a company based in China, very little of any of that money stays within, nor benefits, Western shores. So (in a way) the ever-flowing “Big Bro Tech Economy” of the ebb and flow of users, user data, advertising dollars, marketing campaigns, etc. have been completely wiped away from what has been for the past 20+ years. Nary a few flagship tech co's (ones with widespread, sincerely useful infrastructural contributions (to the Web, as well as the field of Computer Science)) will stand a chance of “surviving” modern economic times.

as you were

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