Pall Mall 'baccy sticks and Mt Dew Sodie Water

As the title suggests, I am partaking in both right now. I watched a thing on YT about NC Mountain Speech, aka Appalachia Dialects, and a sodie water is a “dope”, a cool breeze is “airish”, and a non-hostile stranger is a “jasper”. Funny stuff.

Reminds me of when I used to combine the name of the two states I lived at the longest, Missouri and Indiana, and call this place Missouriana. Kind of a reference to the odd Northern/Southern dialects of all the “border states” (Missouri, Illinois, Indiana). Don't like the term “border states”, though, so I just refer to the three states mentioned as flyover country. I guess people stop in to Chicago every so often, but I don't see why.

2:00 now, had a bit of rest after the hike this AM. Still plan on getting a hike in on Friday. At 5 PM Friday we have a memorial service to attend. I think we'll get there right at 5:00, too, and then not stay long because my sister is going on a vacation. Again. I tell ya, I oftentimes wonder just where that family comes up with so much extra money. But that is neither here nor there. I can almost guarantee that it is not “earned income”, aka it is from some sort of reverse mortgage or a flat-out loan, or something. No one just remodels an entire 2K+ square foot house from the ground up, goes on vacation once a month, while simultaneously feeding a family of four on a social workers salary. But again, not relevant.

More later

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