Paying Loans Back

Everyone hates paying back money they already spent. So why do people take out loans to begin with? In my case I am referring to a student loan (meaning one (1)) that is in the amount of roughly $1,000. I am going to start paying it back right away but since it is a government loan (why doe the American government do student loans again? idk), I have to pay it back via wire transfer or bank transfer or whateverthefuck and I am not able to use a simple debit card (otherwise I would). This means that I am going to have to open a checking account in April (or sooner if my tax check comes before then), and when I do open this acct to start paying back my loan, I am going to use the bank acct to do other things as well. I am going to be able to set up (or finish setting up) my Stripe account and in doing that, I will be able to accept online payments for my #ebooks (that I would be selling on the open Web, not Amazon (fuck Amazon)). I will also be able to play around with the RobinHood investing #app that I have been meaning to set up for a while now, and in doing that, maybe make a little (free???) scratch here and there. Would be cool.

So a silver lining (or two of them) that comes with having to start to pay back my student loan. No big deal. It benefits me, actually.

So there's that.