Keeping everything in my photographic archive (or at least the good photographs) on from here on out, so please do find me on there ;) I have removed Instagram from my phone (and it was never avail on iPad) because of the numerous #privacy concerns surrounding their parent co (Facebook) but I hesitate to delete my Instagram account altogether because a very long-distance first cousin and his family are on Instagram and I do not wish to lose contact with them in any way. The rest of the fam are close by and I see them in person several times a year and that is how it is, but, I decided I will only check Instagram every so often in a privacy-centric browser to see the photos of the cousin and his family and....yeah.

More on photography – I have a lot of photos to post on I also am closing my VSCO account (only several photos on there), not out of privacy concerns, but simply because I see no value in a filter-forward photo service when all of my photos are posted without a filter (usually) as I am using a Pixel 3a that takes excellent shots. What I like about PixelFed is (much like Mastodon) every feature you could want is there. Incl Web publishing. Just...very good.

As for #apps on my phone, they are basically all communicae, and nothing else. Utility apps (task manager, phone, Signal, tethering, camera, LastPass, etc.). In fact, I don’t even have a browser on there, opting for the LastPass built-in browser, instead.

Anyway, this is where I’m at. Be back in a bit!