pleasant walks, cold beverages

I walked to Schnucks just now, bought two beverages (a Mt Dew Code Red and an Arizona Sweet Tea), just for the fxxx of it. I wanted to get out, and I didn't have cold beverages in my apartment, so off I went.

Busy day at Schnucks, indeed. No Wal-Martians about (thankfully), just average folks getting average groceries to feed their average families in an average town. Normalcy 101. Of course any type of “ab”normalcy that is within spitting distance of S St Louis County is in St Louis city proper, itself. Things are exciting there – the chorus of distant gunfire, the bus stops with daysleepers snoozing, the arguing couples one encounters anywhere and everywhere up and down the sidewalk – yea, living there sucked! I can't/won't move back, and haven't even entertained the idea since retreating to Pevely, Missouri in 2015 (and then picking up and moving again in late-2016, to this location).

So, I'll settle for normalcy.

People enjoy travel, though. I wanted to do it full-time at one point (early-20's), and then got bitten by the wanderlust bug BIG TIME in 2014 or so (the #vanlife photos on Instagram, the rise of “digital nomads”, the pictures of so and so watching a sunset in some far away land with their whole life in a backpack – romantic, brilliant). And that is what initially prompted the move to St Louis, and from there I planned on another move – perhaps Brooklyn? Perhaps Portland? Perhaps the rural countryside of Japan? I didn't know, and I didn't care – just out and about.

Then, I headed back to Pevely when I heard my dad had several years to live (of which he met the three year quota, and then passed in early-2019). But I moved to S St Louis County (or as it is called here, “South County”) just before then, because getting to/from where the folks were at was no problem. Then (more recently), I was more or less bitten by a travel bug again, and decided to go vagabond around a beach in Florence, Oregon for a bit (which, anyone who has been reading this blog for the past week+, knows I did NOT make my destination, and instead got stranded in Kalispell, Montana, and vagabonded (word?) around there for several days, which is very much so NOT a beach!). So now, I am back home sweet home in S St Louis County – plain, boring, normal, and that is fine. I know the rest is needed (physically, for sure), and I can just be here, and rest and recuperate, and see what the world brings me at another time.

It all comes and goes. Back later.

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