Every now and then, I am reminded that I have a Yubikey 2FA device on my keychain. It's so small that I forget that it is there. And I only have it registered with a single account (Google). I'd love to use it more often, but I cannot, because I don't have a port to plug it into when I am in desktop mode (when the laptop is plugged into the monitor – requiring port 1 to be plugged into said monitor, and port 2 to have the charger plugged in).

This is foolish, madness, and unsafe. I won't rant about dumb designs, and compromise, and everything Apple – I'll just stop using an external display. It sucks that is comes to that, but I am without a choice if I am going to:

A “hub” is my worst nightmare, cause those things break off in the USB-C ports all the time, and therefore ruin the computer + I won't PAY EXTRA to use a computer that should have this functionality (additional ports) to begin with.

So, instead of doing the weekly struggle and song and dance of “to use a display or to not use one”, it's decided. I won't. Too much compromise.