To the tune of “Possibility”, a lesser-known original Pop song by Tiffany Alvord. She is a YT Pop starlet type person, and I have subbed to her channel since 2010, back when she was making the rounds as the person doing cover songs of Taylor Swift (who was newly famous then, of course). In fact, Tiffany had a studio called “Taylor Made Studios” (clever). I would search “Taylor Swift Fearless” or “Taylor Swift Say Yes” on YT back then, and Taylor didn't make videos (that I know) in 2010, so Tiffany's covers would show up, and get millions of views – delightful.

Tiffany did a bunch of original songs over the years, with high production videos (as well as covers by many artists), but she has since gone silent (mostly) on YT and last I saw she is “doing Instagram” full-time as a over-edited product placement model (aka influencer) and I have nothing but nice things to say about her and her career, but why she went all-in with Instagram instead of continuing the surmounting subscriber growth and high view count video content on YT, I will never know.

These things (numbers) are irrelevant to most. As they should be. But she never avoided trying to BE an Internet celebrity. It just seemed to be “what she did”. Most folks though, it's likely un-needed and above their pay grade.

On the subject of numbers, my cig-smoked count is too high, I think. Several packs in two days. Always been a smoker (since 13 (!!!)), but the habit has increased in recent weeks, so...idk.

No one should ever smoke, of course, nor use e-cigs. So there's a small disclaimer.

E-cigs are the worst. Continual coughing from vapor build up in the throat, bad lung issues, nicotine “poisoning” (high levels of it), messy tank refills, batteries dying all the time, inconvenient re-charging (non)schedules (aka sporadic battery deaths), expensive replacement parts, burnt out cartomizers, malfunctioning atomizers, threat of sub-market chemicals in lesser-known juice brands. Etcetera.

There used to be a “thing” with them, though. I think it started with the folks who hated Big Tobacco™, and wanted to liberate themselves from the prices and restrictions of cigarettes. E-cigs, they offered nearly no aroma, no smell left on clothes/skin, much cheaper ($40 for a Liter of juice), nearly no regulation (2012 era), which added enthusiasm to nicotine-loving members of the Libertarian crowd (however big that demographic was? IDK), parts could be DIY (never recommended) or bought in kits. And, “it was the healthier option”, or so many thought until chemical-induced pneumonia made people sick and eventually medically induced comas, and everything else lung/throat related started to go wrong in terms of prolonged inhalation of vapor molecules into the body.

A “safe and cheap” alternative to The Big Bad Business Wolf. How quaint if I made a Twitter/Masto reference here, but I won't. But I just did, so...


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