praying to the angels of Web heaven to summon Our Lord, Our Blog

So, Inquiry just dropped a truth bomb of raw transparency here, where I had not mustered the words to correspond, likely due to the nature of them, and the (negative) effects of thinking of/dwelling on said subject. Inquiry typed the words out:

...hyper focus your attention on the latter part. It's the most plaguing and also consistent element of my writing hobby and also my approach to blogging for the past year or more. Wanting to write something, but having lost all therapeutic benefit (and sometimes enjoyment) only to find myself flustering and fluttering with how to write a thing, because all of it is just trash and the mental movements have lost all zeal and meaning, so the past hype and purpose of a/the blog (for me) is faded and senseless, leaving me just typing stuff.

Hell, I can't even say whatever it is I am saying now because, I don't have it (in a way).

I keep blogging though. Cause I can and I do.

Things change. People change. Change back? Change for the better? It's anyone's guess

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