⚡Private Creation As A Form Of Self-Fulfillment

I am a private citizen. A private citizen of the world, so to speak. I really enjoyed Derek Sivers blog post where he makes it a point that if someone were to travel the world, see and do great things, experience all that life has to offer – they should do so with no fanfare from the general public via social media, YouTube videos, or any other outlet that invokes feedback from the stranger public. To do things for the sake of doing them, essentially.

On the other hand, I read ABOUT the “1000 True Fans” theory and how if someone were creating (for a business, or for profit), they would need but 1000 “true” fans who devote attention and money towards your content no matter what it is you are offering. It wouldn't be necessary for tens of thousands of readers, viewers, “fans”, or whatever the case may be – because the “base” would sustain you financially throughout the lifespan of the business.

But, to create for the no-frills SAKE of creating, because it is what you were meant to do, because it is what gives your (my) life purpose – then it is not about feedback, recognition, or other people's interest or attention whatsoever. If you, the reader, cannot tell by now, I am certainly in the former camp of the two examples I gave above. Note that one was published to a personal blog and the other was referenced by a post on Medium.com).

We live in a world where the term “attention economy” is a phrase that doesn't cause confusion when mentioned in most circles. People know that with the invent of social media, they can put forth very little effort towards content creation and still grab the attention of thousands of people. This can be a very good thing, but should never be a substitute for the will for creation with the simple self-enjoyment of making something new in (or for) the world being the end goal.


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