Quitting is weird

Quitting alcohol. Quitting drugs. Quitting social media.

It all comes with a lot of weird emotions, reworking of the pathways in the brain, changing who I am.

I do it, and I continue to do it, and I am better off FOR it – but weirdness is involved.

Luckily, I am a strange and weird person – and strive to be more alien-like in this world. Normalcy is toxic, and doing what everyone else is doing, thinking what everyone else is thinking, being on the same, uniform, conformist page as everyone else is something that truly sickens me.

I do my best, and am happy with who I am. Sometimes I feel so “out of sorts” that I think my brain will fall out of my skull. But, I have a pretty good psychological foundation, a good “constitution”, of sorts, and always find my way back to where I need to be.


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