Raw Week starts tomorrow

Well, mostly raw. Except for hot coffee, of course.

What is Raw Week?

It is a mini challenge I am giving myself Right Now. I have eaten raw foods (essentially just fruit) for three days in a row before (meaning nothing that isn't a fruit or a vegetable, and nothing cooked, at all (besides the aforementioned coffee)), and I have done so numerous times. But, now I want to go an entire week of just fruits.

I have been vegetarian for seven years now, and fruits have been my favorite thing to eat since I was a little kid, so I want to add more of them to my diet (even more so than I already have incorporated into my diet). So, I think increasing the amount of fruit in my diet (not at any one time – I can only eat when I am hungry, of course – and I never overeat) over time (a week here, a week there – perhaps a month at a time in the future), is the best way to go.

Fun times