refined budget

Went through the budget (again) with a fine tooth comb, decided to eliminate some things, kept a good deal of the others. Had it all wrapped up and looking good and then remembered that I forgot to consider the pipes and pipe tobacco. Had to re-do it all over again, haha.

Aside from some bare bones basics of what is required this month (+ tobacco, which is also required), I am spending the majority of the December monies on Xmas gifts :) All of them will be shipped directly to the recipient in question, because who knows what the plans will be for Xmas this year?

The accessories for the MacBook will be bought in January. The laptop case, the mouse, the Roost stand (still not sure about that one, but it'll help with posture, for sure), etc. – all January 2021 purchases. I can probably get away with just the case + mouse, as that is all that is really necessary (for me). I HAVE a keyboard that I love, so that will stay. Software will be needed at some point, and that will be bought along with the accessories. There's no special software that is terribly important to me at this point. I keep things pretty minimal/basic on my phone, and I plan to do the same for the Mac. In fact, there is not a single app or service that I am “waiting on” to get the most from this machine (besides renewing/reactivating the Linode server (in December)). Standard Notes = free. TextMate = free. Safari = free (of course). Built-in terminal for macOS = free, too. So, I am not really filling up the storage with XYZ apps just for the sake of doing so. I might fill it up with other junk, but probably not software. Paying for Web services, that is another thing entirely, and I will continue to pay for GOOD services that serve a purpose. Even if they are free, if there is a donation option, I will usually donate SOMETHING.

That's all for now. Be back soon.

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