After a Hell on wheels day of waiting, impatience, and anguish – my tobacco order finally arrived, just as I was awaiting my JJ order to arrive, and now I have JJ and tobacco! LOL!

So, I sparked a bowl of Orlik Dark Strong Kentucky flake, and it was damn good. Kentucky is one of my favorites, for sure, and the golden stripe of Virginia going through the middle of the flake makes it 100x's better! :) Clever pipe tool came with this three tin sampler, as well. Will definitely get some use out of that.

I think I wrote in a personal journal earlier that today was in the β€œTop 5” most anguished days of my life – no tobacco for two days, no food because I was awaiting an order of tobacco to arrive (which I more or less had to be here to get, because it was going to the old address and I didn't want it to get sent back), total impatience on my part, just a mess of a day, for sure.

But I feel OK now. Renewed.

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