Revisiting “revisiting”

If you have a blog post title on W.a, and then another one with the same title – the second title becomes “blog post title-jumbled text” because that is how URL's work. So I went to go revisit the blog post from last night titled “revisiting” and stumbled across this blog post about me revisiting the album “Give Up” by The Postal Service (very good album).

That is a short and sweet story, but it is incredibly relevant to a part of my life – studying at JeffCo, dog sleeping, music, cultural credibility, etc. One of those turning points in life that don't have an “ah-ha!” type of connontation (sp?) to them, but just stand out in your (my) mind a great deal in terms of making me into the person I am today.

Those days (almost ten years on now) fade slowly, not from lack of memory, but from lack of relevance to what all has happened since then, and all yet to come.

Good times

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