“Saturday Night” on Saturday Night

The Misfits “Saturday Night” is playing on YouTube at the moment, as I write this. Quite a melodic song. Awesome.

After this, I will play some Star Fucking Hipsters, and then who knows what else?

I have been rocking the Audio Technica's in the living room at night as of recent, because my maniac neighbor sounds like a mentally stunted chimpanzee who is off her meds, so to drown that out I listen to loud music directly into my ears.

It is also why I am considering getting a nice desk for the bedroom (where I can close myself off), and I have a pretty dapper one chosen on Wayfair, as well as a chair, and it is a distinct possibility that I buy them. Not very expensive. Would be a nice change to have a desk directly in front of the window, so I can see the world pass me by as I write superfluous shit on the internet ;)

Wouldn't/couldn't do an expensive desk setup. Just my lappo toppo, and headphones. Perhaps even a lamp? All I would need, I think.

Also considering getting back into HANDwriting. Good notebooks and pens are easy to come by, but I don't usually prefer that method/medium. I think I wrote exclusively through handwriting on the back of previously typed pages from various “typewriter diaries”. I just flipped the pages over and started writing. I did so out of desperation because A) I just deleted my Tumblr B) good blog platforms are expensive (I was totally broke), and C) I just wanted to write in the dark of my apartment and have pages that I could rip up/throw away whenever I was ready to do so. Documenting ideas, and thoughts, and opinions, and emotions is a very good thing to do – but sometimes I just want to throw all of it away. Like being “biodegradable”. So, I might get back into handwriting here soon (and still blog, too).

This all reminds me of that apartment. The second time I lived at Pevely Pointe apartments, in good ol' (bad, really) Pevely, Missouri. I was a total headcase after having had a huge emotional breakdown in St Louis some months before, and I would stay inside my apartment (at PP) most days and wait for the sun to go down, and then leave off ALL the lights, and only have the dim glow of the bathroom door lighting the apartment ever so slightly while I would pace, and pace, and pace, and pace, and pace. And write, too, of course. At first on Tumblr – or Twitter threads – or handwriting – or on the BlackBerry Classic. I just wanted to hammer out text and thoughts as much as possible to make myself feel better.

So, you see, this isn't an avenue of me getting “good” at anything, or grabbing attention, or being anything other than someone who can only self-correspond in order to maintain a semblance of mental health.

... now I'm at >>> olry.co 👋